Thursday, February 21, 2008

lacey sweater cardigan thing

i finally posted it! it's been done for awhile now, but i was a bit angry with my camera for not taking proper photographs. these will do...for now.

yes yes yes, i am happy with this sweater. i mentioned it in my last post, what you saw on the sewing machine! the blossoms are made from individual lace flowers cut from an old lace skirt of mine.

one of my favorites. i retired it because the lace was just giving out. cutting it apart was my first solution. now two old things were made into new!

detail shot of the blossom. embellished with bright red thread and red beads. there are three blossoms total on the sweater. two on the front and one on the back.

spring is coming!! you better be ready!


the results came through. i didn't make it into the fabric book through Lark Books. alas! i am not disheartened. no! it only forces me to make myself better. so! i joined the EtsyTrashion street team! what is a street team you might ask? it is a group of crafters (people) who are all interested in the same thing. that's my definition anyway. you can learn more about! my friend Tiffany's company was featured on their blog recently, RePlaygound! fascinating.


new recycling project::

what to do with all those pretty carpet samples? don't leave them lying around the office, don't throw them in a land-fill, make them into perfect welcome mats!

with a little bit of velcro (or double-sided tape), voila! instant welcome mats that are perfect for those rainy days. these are basically two 2x2 carpet tiles that a carpet manufacturer sends to my office when we request samples. very effective for getting an idea of what a carpet will look like spread throughout a room, but also very wasteful. always good to be resourceful. most manufacturers will take samples back that we're not using, but it's so fun to make use of them at home.


SwedeHart said...

I like to keep bells on my doors, too. Since I was a child, my Mother always had bells on the door to alert of any intruders. And they sound friendly when you enter or leave.

I love your ambition... I'm inspired to do something new now.

Ruth said...

Hee heee heeee! See, my desire to see the project finished worked! Such power, such results!

When I used to quilt, I always thought it was strange and wonderful to take something apart (like your old dresses) and put the pieces back together again as something new. I still think there is something psychologically renewing about that process. Maybe that's why I love your craft so much. It says a lot about you, my daughter. All any of us does is recycle, really, I guess. But your modus operendi is the best.

For those of us who still have cars, those carpet samples make good floor mats too.

SwedeHart said...

I love the sweater, too:D

Anonymous said...

Oy! Sweater is very awesome-licious! I don't have bells on my door, because I have a ferocious Diesel dog who barrels into the window each morning at the squirrels and birds eating breakfast from our suet and bird feeders. This morning, as Diesel attacked the window for the third time, Critter said, "I don't think he'd be a very good dog to put in a pet store window." Nope. The Diesel would terrify any who dare to pass. Maybe I will take a picture to Diesel barking at the window and send it to you so that you can paste it on your door--to scare away intruders and unwanted solicitors.