Sunday, February 3, 2008

sweet sweet fabric

shuffling through my itunes, i can't seem to find any music to listen to.
think i might buy some Feist.

what does this have anything to do with what i've been working on today? well nothing really but it is helping to mask the sporadic screaming i hear in my neighborhood as my fellow new yorkers show their support for the Giants in the super bowl. there is nothing better than a woman with her piano, serenading me.

you were wondering what the sweet embellished floral fabrics were for?

i'm feeling spring!! this is my latest Etsy listing, as well as the next project proposal for Lark Books. i took this square embellished fabric:

and wrapped it around recycled bottle caps! for some reason i felt compelled when i first moved here to tape bottle caps to my wall. now that i've grown up a bit, i have removed them and putting them to better use!

using craft/fabric glue, i wrap the fabric around the bottle cap, then backed it with commercial felt, which i sewed on by hand.

new on the Pink Graffiti scene! i've finally broken down and acquired a domain for my website! currently under construction, i'll post it when i've accomplished a bit more. i've also decided to start a myspace page...good for marketing i hope.

in other news, i hope that changing my blog name hasn't caused too much confusion. i do apologize for any incurred.

keep making!!


SwedeHart said...

Ewww! I love them! Good job! I am just finishing up a pair of gloves to match a cute little vintage faux fur coat I bought from Hilary. You're becoming so prolific!

Ruth said...

You not only created some very cute earrings, you created a biiig smile on my face. Why can I totally see some beautiful brown woman with a FRO wearing these?? They will definitely give someone with Presence more.

Rauf said...

Sweet Lesley ! whattoo ? colours and colours and colours, your designs are like a trip to Rajasthan. so lovely, so pleasing to the eye, very comforting actually.

testing testing. testing the new link. i think your old blog address was hijacked. i am updating your link in all my four blogs, yes i have four.

lesleyanne said...

rachel: thank you!! i'll have to check out your blog to see your gloves, i'm sure they are lovely!

mamma: thank you for the kind words, as always! these put a smile on my face as well, they are so colorful and remind me of spring.

rauf: hello!! thank you for your kind words as well. and yes, i know my old blog address was hijacked!! pretty funny...i learned that the hard way. and yes, thank you for updating my new link.

Steph said...

love the summery colors! pretty fabrics!