Sunday, February 10, 2008

new computer, new me!

the wind and cold keep me inside today, making and reading and wishing i had leftovers from last night's dinner.

my computer was totally rebuilt last night! what a long process, i really had no idea. but we made a night of it. i made an asian dinner, consisting of stir-fry veggies (broccoli, yellow squash, asparagus and snow peas), white rice and broiled tuna steak, marinated in an amazing wasabiyaki sauce. with banana bread from scratch for dessert.

as he worked, so did i. i have so many new projects going on, there are piles and piles of old clothing, fabric, and yarn all over my studio. piles of cut-up sweaters for my new leg warmers project, my latest knitting on the very top. (for who this is, i will not tell!!!)

speaking of leg warmers....

these i finished today and just listed on Etsy! made from an old sweater of mine (that is just too big and baggy for me now). as opposed to taking it to the nearest thrift store to donate, i thought, why not make something pretty out of it! i love the brown, tan and orange stripes, the colors together are just divine. i added maroon felt flowers with a vintage button for a feminine detail.

i'm also almost finished with my next sweater project.

a sneak peak!! this i'm making out of both a recycled sweater and skirt! you see it on my sewing machine above. i'm ready for this cold to be over, but i love the excuse to stay inside and make things all day. especially with my new super fast computer!


SwedeHart said...

Congratulations! You are so creative. Oh, I did not know you had so many ways to use sweaters. This gives me some ideas, and right now, sweaters are half off at the DI. I just picked up 3 sweaters yesterday for $5- yes that's the grand total. Maybe I should go back with other ideas in mind. Congrats on the computer! How lucky you are to have a genius in your life!

Ruth said...

You remind me of eating every portion of an animal (sorry Swedehart), letting nothing go to waste.

Is that purple lace (oh, I saw Prince on the Grammys last night)? How wonderful! Brilliant, I hadn't thought of that for you, although I've seen lace appliqued elsewhere. I want to see this one done please.

Sooo many projects!

Bless C, bless him, bless him. And poor thing, wearin a hat. You could give him fingerless gloves when he comes to your place? . . IF he would wear them, hehe. Black to match his hat? At least I can't see his breath.

SwedeHart said...

No offense taken:D

So, if that computer is up and running, how come no update on that new sweater skirt project?

Rauf said...

Those stockings are so beautiful Lesley, are they called stockings ?
You have to keep kicking something for people to notice such a lovely design.

oooo what ? why did you kick me ?
you haven't complimented my stockings !

But you have to wear a skirt i suppose, have seen you wearing only Jeans.

lesleyanne said...

swede: amazing!!! thank you, i love making pretty things out of old things. i was just going to take these sweaters to the thrift store anyway.....decided to use them to my advantage. there are so many ways to use an old sweater! especially old wool ones. just throw them in a hot cycle, and they're ready to be cut apart and make little flower pins!
and yes, i am so thankful for my genius C. he still amazes me every day.
and yes, update! my latest post shows new sweater project!

mammas: thank you!! i wish it was purple's actually black. but still! re-using two old things is giving me such joy. haha, that's a great idea, to make C some fingerless gloves for his visits.

rauf: so happy to see you back at my blog! thank you!! they are leg warmers actually, but we can call them stockings. i'll kick everyone to notice them....i wear skirts all the time for work actually, but not usually in my chilly cold studio. this winter season has not been good for my studio. i think the windows were installed incorrectly.