Tuesday, February 20, 2007

a brief insight

oh mystic rose! she tagged me and now i must do the list. here i go!


Colors: pink, mustard yellow, any shade of green
Food: middle eastern
Month: september
Songs: Fidelity-Regina Spektor, Fernando-ABBA, The Very Thought of You-Billie Holiday, Who Is It?-Bjork
Movie: Amelie, The Science of Sleep
Sport: kayaking, rock climbing
Season: autumn
Day Of the week: sunday
Ice Cream Flavor: mint chocolate chip
Time of Day: nighttime after sun-down [me too!!], when there's no excuse to go outside and i can sit and knit in front of a great movie


Mood: waking up
Taste: black tea
getup: my favorite 'just woke up' look
music: ABBA
book: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, The Summer Queen-Joan D. Vinge, Island-Aldous Huxley
pic on desktop: ice covered tree
longing for: warmer weather
weather: absolutely freezing


memory: Grand Ledge ice skating
fav food: cheerios
Pet: Misti, the gray kitten
drink: a taste of my parents' wine at dinner
Cigarette: eighth grade!
Movie: i have such a distinct memory of my father taking my brother and me to see 'The Black Cauldron' in the theater. what an unbelievable scary children's cartoon! i mostly just remember the back of the movie theater. i think we left early.


Cigarette: last september, i think.
Drink: last weekend
Car ride: Thursday. my 3 hour cab ride!
Movie Seen: Arsenic and Old Lace with Cary Grant. he's so young in that film! reminded me of my cousins Todd and Lisle, and they were in that play so many years ago. [pre Audrey and Asher]
Phone Call: my best girl
Last Book Read: Something Wicked This Way Comes-Ray Bradbury


Broken the Law: i have to say hmmmmm.....too
Been Arrested: um. no
Been on TV: on the news in college for my tap dancing class! i had bright pink hair.
Lied: sure.
Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: well, i've kissed someone i didn't know well....


You're Wearing: bedtime pajamas, my favorite batman tshirt
You've Done Today: you're lookin at it
You Can Hear Right Now: my noisy neighbors and i think my roommate is awake
You Can't Live Without: the essentials, yes. my family, my friends, my yarn.
You Do When You're Bored: read blogs!


bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room


to be me
work for myself



this is my favorite townhouse in the city. it was for sale a few weeks ago, but some lucky person or family will move into this lovely yellow New Orleans style beauty.

i enjoy spending time going inside myself. our world is always in such a hurry, and it's so easy to feel this pressure.

i have another day off. no agenda yet. maybe after my tea.


Ruth said...

Well then! How fun is this! I'm learning some things. And hey, here's some great material for the Pink Grapefruit poem that I'm still working on for Sapphos tomorrow (don't know if I'll get the revision done in time for this week).

You know I was teasing you about posting every day. It's just that I gobble it up. This should only be fun and when you have something to say!

Ginnie said...

So Ruth is just eating you up, LA, as are the rest of us, of course. This is so fun.

Memes like this always bring out stuff I never knew, which is why they're so great to read. Glad you did this one. :)

mystic rose said...

hey...done so soon! and loved reading it. made me smile several times reading this!

kayaking..ive always wanted to do that. and rock climbing too! let me get my fitness levels up!!:P

i see a hmmmto broken the law..hmmmmmmmm

and you havent yet kissed someone you never knew either..:)

and you know..i love that townhouse pic too..i can just imagine how cosy it must be isnide..i love these old new york houses and town houses.

lesleyanne said...

i know you were teasing me! it makes me happy to post for you every day. i think i will try. even if it's just a photo.
for you. because i love you.

lesleyanne said...

thank you aunt bootsie, yes i enjoy those very much. you always find out something about someone you know very well, something that may be a bit awkward to ask. like..'hey how are you! so what are you wearing right now?'

mystic rose! yes, you inspired me. i read yours and found out some great things about you as well! i admit, some very good answers. especially with your choices. i love that your reactions are a choice. isn't it the truth.
you should definitely try kayaking and rock climbing! i admit i don't have the money to climb right now, and soon i will have my kayak in the city!

Mystic Rose said...

kayak...:) sounds fun! how do u take it around? cabs?
once it gets warmer, you will have so much fun!! theres lots of places around here, harryman park for instance the lakes there are awesome!

Rauf said...

It will take a lot of time for me to write this Lesley, things keep changing, music for instance, right now I have Indian music fever, after reading your your what do you call this ? Mystic rose what is this ? Tag ? I find that I am not a steady person, I am pretty chaotic, you are so level headed Lesley, I will write some thing today and I will write something else tomorrow. From past few days I have been reading PD Wodehouse, I just want to laugh, I have read the same so many times before, Wooster and Jeeves.
There was a dramatic change in my attitude toards life. I'll write about it. My life is never sad or something. It has always been happy
Right now I am in a big hurry to write about cotton and silk cottage weaving for you Lesley in my next few posts and I keep postponing the tags.