Sunday, February 25, 2007

embellishments and earrings

as we speak, i am putting this hat for sale at my online store. as i put the finishing touches on it, i realized that i really didn't want to add the ear flaps. even tho it's very 'flapper' style.

another cabled hat. the yarn i dyed with koolaid. it turned out to be the exact color i wanted. of course i dyed some samples first, but i am so happy with the outcome. the floral embroidery is also koolaid-dyed yarn. and the vintage buttons i bought a long time ago at the most amazing antique store in northern Michigan, near my family's cottage. unfortunately, The Potato Been is no longer open, but i have hundreds of these amazing buttons to remind me of it.

i knit this with double pointed needles, meaning there is no seam.

so please visit my shoppe! and tell all your friends. i will be adding much more, including yarn, more hats, jewelry and small gift items.

i also dyed some more yarn today, which i will be putting up for sale later. joy!
my fingers are red and taste like sweet sugar.

if you could have a cabled koolaid dyed hat, what color would it be? what kind of embroidery would you love to have on the side? do you like the buttons?

please visit: pink.graffiti


Ruth said...

Soooooooo pretty! And you remind me so much of your grandma, and MY grandma, with that flapper hat on. Have you ever seen photos of G'ma Hart with her flapper hats from the '30s? So like you, especially with your long wisps of hair framing your face.

The warm reds of your wool are wonderful. I hope you will get tons of visits and sales at etsy.

I wish I could knit, that my carpal tunnel would just back off. The cable knit is my fave, I think. The addition of the old buttons and embroidery makes it unique. I miss the Potato Been! But we can shop for buttons in NYC sometime, yes? G'ma Bennett used to tromp the streets of NY looking for her best artistic embellishments, and I see you following in her footsteps.

To be in such control of your designs must be incredibly fulfilling. I'm terribly proud of your skills.


Ruth said...

If I were to have a cabled, kool-aid dyed hat, I would want flowers embroidered. Maybe pansies?

Ginnie said...

Lesley, you are definitely one of a kind, out of this world niece! Unbelievable. So talented. I love what you're doing and am thrilled by what inspires you. And now, if I ever find special, vintage buttons, I'll buy them for YOU.

lesleyanne said...

thank you mamma!!! that is such a compliment, comparing me with gma hart and gma bennett. i really need to see those photos!!
it's definitely one of my goals this week - to tromp Manhattan for all the great jewelry/fabric/button stores! oh embellishments, how i love thee.

and pansies! what a fantastic idea!
what color would you want!?!

lesleyanne said...

thank you auntie boots! you are the sweetest auntie.

so what color would you love? and what embellishment??

Ruth said...

Color? Green!

Hey, stomping around Manhattan looking for buttons while doing other things sounds like a great and fun way to keep it fun! Did you know I call that the "Ruthie" method? On the weekend when I have to clean or do laundry, I stop and do fun things every-however-often to keep in the flow of joy. It makes all the difference and keeps chores from becoming drudgery.

Ginnie said...

Ha. What color? Probably a chocolate brown, because of my hair. And maybe orange/coral embellishments. Of course, it wouldn't match my coat, but it's fun to imagine. :)

Anonymous said...

That hat is v. nice. Kudos.