Thursday, February 15, 2007

premiere (in french)

there must be some sort of documentation of my time in this big beautiful enlarged engulfing city.

so i decided to start fresh.
[she picks at her nails....hoping]

going into my eighth month in new york city [my metrocards say seven on the wall; my modern chickenscratches]
i'm learning, i'm seeing, i'm walking, i'm bounding over slushmounds pushed to the side of the street after the sudden first snow storm this winter.
everyone was buzzing about it.
and everyone reacted like anyone would really.

panic and horrible driving.

as you can see the snow is

i spent at least three hours in a taxi cab today. [not this taxi cab] manhattan is not that big.


Ruth said...

I laughed so many times. The title is priceless . . . even though I don't know what it means! :D

They reacted as anyone would . .. horrible driving and panic . . so funny! And there really isn't that much snow.

Maybe you should find some like Tedd Koppel to throw a snowball at when it snows . . . but then, I wouldn't want you to get shot at.

I am so happy, so happy, a blog just for me to see what my daughter is doing in NYC . . (that was SUNG to an indecipherable diddy that no one has ever heard)

Ruth said...

Duh. "Premiere" = first. :|

Ruth said...

Mmm. I see the links. Yay!

lesleyanne said...

hello to my first commentor/reader!! mommy!
i'm so glad you enjoyed my first entry!
i knew you would understand the 'premiere''s so easy for us to just read in english (being our mother language, right??) but i knew the french in you would come out.

if you want to link me on yours that would be fine! unless you want to keep me all to yourself, since that's the real idea anyway. :)

Ruth said...

Mmm, good idea! Linking! :)

Rauf said...

a bit worrying documentation. A friend of mine living somewhere there had to shovel her car and the driveway a couple of days ago.

I feel like a celebrity, all the celebrities want to be seen in a French premier. I am waving my hand to the cameras Lesleyanne.

lesleyanne said...

i believe it Rauf! all the snow was plowed to the side of the road, blocking all cars parked there, and all the sidewalks leading to the street, forcing pedestrians to hop, skip and jump over slush.

thank you for visiting my blog! i enjoy looking at yours very much.

Ginnie said...

GREAT, Lesley. Another Blogger blogger. :) Do I get to add you to MY sidebar as well??? I hope so, to have you at my fingertips.!

I was laughing at Ruth laughing at you. :)

lesleyanne said...

of course you can add me to your link list! i would love nothing more.