Friday, February 16, 2007


i am currently working part-time [very part-time] but luckily able to pay my bills and still have a little 'night on the town' every once in awhile.

[did i mention i'm looking for a new job?]

so i'm filling the rest of my time by volunteering, knitting, designing [and constructing] anything i possibly can, dying yarn with kool-aid, and now taking photographs of my life.

"Sampaguita". a play i am designing the set for.
a small play, written by a Filipino woman/actor/producer. it will be put on at the Filipino Embassy in Midtown Manhattan.

the room is absolutely beautiful, with wood paneling on every wall. this is the stage [the room was being used as a pseudo-gallery for a furniture exhibition]. my creative freedom is endless. the budget on the other not.

any plans for April?


Ruth said...

Oh! What a beautiful room! It reminds me of a tea room in London I went to with one of our professors. Very elegant. It will be such a lovely backdrop for the play.

It's fun to watch and listen as you and the play develop your ideas. It's like the play takes on its own life, and you are one part of the creation, joining in and contributing your own personal vision.

This blog is so cool. I'm soooo glad you thought of it! Want me to tell Aunt Bootsie about it? You know she'd love it!!!

lesleyanne said...

yes, i'm glad to be a part of something...i like the way you put it. like its own creation.

the room is amazing! i wish you could see it in person. it's not very big, and the stage is tiny, but i think it will work nicely. i know, i love the wood paneling! it's totally a British pub/tea room!

i'd love to share it with Aunt Bootsie! maybe it'll get her psyched up to come in April!

Ruth said...

All righty then! I'll tell the aunties about your blog. :D

Rauf said...

This room costs a fortune, been to one such room in Munnar in Kerala,
It is called high range club, entry only for the English, Except for the butlers Indians were not allowed even after the English left India in 1947. (dogs were allowed but not Indians)Clubs come alive only in the evenings. Munnar is pretty cold always, it is a hill station with tea plantations. I walked in to the club one morning as all doors were open, actually I did not know that it was a club. Walked straight in and took a few pictures of the interiors, wood panelling all over including the ceiling. i saw a bar with hundreds of wine glasses and fancy bottles. I heard some one shout who is that and some heavy boots running towards me and the worst of all barking of dogs. I ran
hit a heavy glass door, injured my shoulder, i heard a couple of glass pieces falling, i did not turn to assess the damage I kept running. I defeated the guy and i defeated the dogs. I run very fast even today. not much damage to me, just a bruise on my shoulder. This was some 40 years ago.

i have seen the picture of your knitting work Lesleyanne on Ruth's blog a shawl, very beautiful it was
and the story of your great grand mother.

Mystic Rose said...

HI lesleyanne,
came here via rauf..thats a beautiful room and this..a fascinating post.

wish you all the best!

lesleyanne said...

that is quite a distressing story, Rauf! sometimes i just can't believe what people have to go through in different parts of the world. that you could be treated like that.

and thank you for your kind words! i am so fortunate with my mother, grandmother, greatgrandmother.

lesleyanne said...

MysticRose! thank you for visiting my blog! you are very kind.

the best to you as well! i will be sure to visit your blog.

Ginnie said...

Yay! Lesley doing her thing and doing it well. But why are you looking for a new job??? I thought you already had one. (Do you need to send me an e-mail?)

Plans for April??? Are you kidding me??!!

lesleyanne said...

plans for april, yay!! that will be such a nice time.

and yes, the job situation. yikes. i can definitely send you an email. it's still in transition, yada yada yada.....but yes, thank you for asking!