Friday, February 23, 2007

off off broadway

one of the [many] joys of living in this city is that there is something to do around every corner every single minute of every day.

i traveled down to the west village tonight for dinner and a play with a friend [also know as director of Sampaguita] to support another friend Marisa [also known as writer/producer/actor of Sampaguita] who is acting in a play.

Land O'Fire.

i love these off broadway plays.
simple set.
silly costumes made of cardboard.
very very good humor.
and Marisa was phenomenal.

what a beautiful, memorable, simple set. there were 7 actors, and part of the dynamic was to move the chairs about to be used as dining chairs, coach seats, pews.....

"Based on the story of two voyages of the HMS Beagle to Tierra del Fuego in the 1830's, Land O'Fire is the story of South American Fuegian Indians plucked from their home and transported to England to be christianized. Told from the point of view of the Indians, Land O'Fire is a timely work, hilarious yet always insightful in its examination of life interfered with and forever damaged by association with a 'superior' culture."

what happened to this warm weather i was wishing for? the wind is almost unbearable here. i'm so happy to be in my pjs almost in my bed.


Ruth said...

Thank you for staying up and doing the post! I'm sorry I missed all your calls yesterday. How weird. And yes, I was in bed by 9:30 last night. Mmmm.

It's quite timely for me that you saw this play last night, because yesterday at lunch Inge told me about their trip to Merida, Mexico, and their visit to one of the Mayan ruins. They saw a beautiful monastery on top of a mountain, but it was also not beautiful because it was built on top of a Mayan city that was destroyed.

Their guide, a cool Mayan guy, told her the mainstream anthropolists' "theory" about Mayan sacrifices is possibly very wrong (think Mel Gibson's new movie "Apocolypto"). It's based on scant evidence, and they might not have done ANY human sacrifice. But the Spaniards had to make them look bad bacause they annihilated them, you know? Thus, history is written. How are we to know for sure? But why should we create a whole theory based on miniscule evidence?

I love how you connect so well with new people, and the play people sound fun, and quite versatile! I also like that you can get inspired for a play set by seeing plays. I like the fiery set; how apropos.

And daddy told me Jayson wants you to work next week!!!!!!! :D

Ok, today we have to talk on the phone.

Ruth said...

That should have been "anthropologists" as I'm sure you can figure out.

lesleyanne said...

mommy! we played mega phone tag yesterday. that can be fun sometimes. but i did want to tell you about Clinique! how exciting!!

that's so interesting about their Mayan trip! i would loooooove to go see the ruins. so fascinating. i've been watching some specials on the National Geographic channel lately about excavations of ancient cultures in Central and South America. so different. such beautiful people. and now they're gone. were they really savages? exactly. we can never really know for sure.

yes, the people i'm meeting in this city are amazing.

lesleyanne said...

it was so nice talking to you today! maybe we can talk longer tomorrow.

Ginnie said...

SOOOOOOOO, is Clinique ON??? I'm trying to piece this together, Lesley.

Anyway, there is much food for thought in this post and comments. If history were completely rewritten to be accurate, would we have to burn all our present books...or maybe put them in a museum for posterity's sake!