Tuesday, March 6, 2007

peaceful celebration

i have been celebrating joyously, as i have a full-time job! starting next week, i will be interior designing full time. these past few weeks have really been spent in contemplation, as i've been seriously thinking about my 'business'. as much as i would love to make and sell things full-time, it just doesn't seem possible at the moment. but i am trying to be patient with myself, and in the meantime, i can still make things and be inspired and have lots of ideas.

i tromped around Manhattan today, in the freezing cold wind chill, to follow in the footsteps of my great grandmother, Olive Bennett, to go supply shopping.

i found the most amazing jewelry supply store, Metalliferous. i went a little crazy. i definitely could have gone a bit crazier. self-control. i found some great little bracelet cuffs to paint on.

i painted this graffiti blossom with pink nail polish. for sale at my Etsy shoppe! crossing my fingers.

EDIT: this cute little bracelet was my first sale on Etsy! not even two hours after i listed it. joy!


Ruth said...

It's brilliant, that cuff! You keep surprising me, me who knows you better than anyone (I think). I don't know how you do it, but I'm so glad you do. This is so sweet. I'm really liking that rose emblem that keeps popping up as your "logo."

I wonder if G'ma Olive went out in weather like you had yesterday?? I'm guessing she might have stayed home and designed wallpaper taped up around the house to match the patttern. You are a true adventurer.

I'm going to go look at your new products on Etsy now.

And yippee!!!! for the new job! Feels so good.

Ruth said...

Hey, Little One, what if you put YOUR Etsy link on your sidebar? :D

lesleyanne said...

you do know me better than anyone! thank you so much, i feel like i finally have a look that i just love.

i don't know if she would have ventured out, but i like to think that she would! but then again, i can totally picture her inside, while it's all snowy and blistery, drawing on the walls. what a great image!

i do have a link on my sidebar! is it not obvious? my shoppe: Pink Graffiti. is there a way i can make it more obvious? maybe i should label it my etsy shoppe....thanks for asking!

Alexis said...

Oooo a new place in the city to visit. Just stumbled upon the site. Enjoying the snow?

Great blog, look forward to reading more.

lesleyanne said...

welcome Alexis! thank you for visiting my blog! i tried to find yours, but was a bit unsuccessful...what is your site?

loving this snow. i've already been out walking in it. have you?

happy blogging!

Ruth said...

Did I just miss it? Or did you change it? I was looking with the other links, but if you had it in its own place all along, duh. But maybe you changed it, eh dawtuh? Now I can go straight there after reading your blog and check up on the latest products and SALES. :D

belle said...

Oh, that jewelry is so beautiful! You are really amazing. Seriously creative. You know, somewhere packed away, I still have this pencil drawing you did...I think you would remember it if you saw it. It actually is filled with words. Do you know what I am talking about?
I'm very proud of you, my best gal. Doing so many creative things. I really am amazed by your talents. Don't ever get discouraged.
And please...give me the link to all the stuff you are selling. I would like to see it all.. PLEASE!! :)

lesleyanne said...

i did have it in it's own category! it used to just say, "my shoppe" and now it says "my etsy shoppe". !!

lesleyanne said...

michelle belle! sorry i missed your calls last night. we should talk today! thank you thank you for all your kind words, girl. you're the best! you can get to my Etsy shoppe from the link in my sidebar on my blog, but here it is anyway:


yay!! you should start one and sell your collages. those are so popular right now. you could sell furniture! i bet that would be a big seller. seriously! think about it.

Ginnie said...

Ohhhhhhh. Your first sale! And was it to someone you knew?? I am so excited for you and your personal creative ventures AND that you have a new job starting TODAY! We will all want to hear about it in time, of course. :)