Thursday, March 15, 2007

finally the sweaters

ok so i finally listed the 2 sweaters on Etsy.
you can find them in my EtsyMini sidebar.
i am most happy with these.

latest sweater, seen here modeled by my gentleman friend [also wearing my pink wig...can you see his beard?].

i embroidered a Graffiti Blossom onto a piece of aqua felt that i purchased at the most lovely fabric store of Haberman's back in Royal Oak, Michigan. oh how i miss that store. once i really start exploring this city, i'm sure i'll find its equal...maybe even more its equal.

selling price: $25.


[i thought i just heard thunder]
we're supposed to have a gigantic snowstorm [probably on its way over from Michigan].
quite unfortunate. i so enjoyed these past few days.

more to come. i'm feeling so inspired lately.


Ruth said...

Hahahahaha! That is awesome! You can tell he feels a little uncomfortable in this role. ;) I'm glad that's a beard and not a woman's hairy chest (and big hands)!

That is a very cute sweater. I really like brown A LOT. It's nice how you're putting your motif everywhere. It's such a pretty one.

Yes, your creative energy is huge! It's that enthusiastic phase when you need it to kick off something new. I hope it just keeps flowing. And here's hoping you'll sell something this weekend!

Ginnie said...

Yaaaaay for Lesley! She's going strong.

Part of the fun coming to read your posts, Lesley, is reading what Ruth has to say. :)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely, absolutely LOVE these sweaters. BUT, there are no small's for us petite girls.


lesleyanne said...

so glad you enjoyed that mammas! he's great. i know the sweater looks brown, but it's actually a nice olive green. maybe this means i need to take better photos....:) thank you!!

lesleyanne said...

i know aunt boots, i love her comments too. i just love this form of communication.

lesleyanne said...

hi anonymous!! i'm so glad you enjoy my sweaters! actually, this green one i have listed is a small! i'm fairly petite myself, and all the sweaters fit me nicely. but i will definitely honor your request by getting smaller sizes!

thank you!!