Friday, March 23, 2007

butterfly trend

new sweater posted on Etsy!
she is embroidered with hot pink thread. my favorite part.
i've included a matching pin on the front of the sweater, since the majority of the design is on the back.

i've been so inspired lately, but have been so exhausted every evening this week. i have many more ideas, so keep a look-out. i'm sure i'll have more goodies next week

[after this nice warm weekend yea right. i'll be outside all day on my bicycle]


in other non-goodies photos.

i ventured out to Jamaica, Queens last weekend to look through the basement of my friends place of work. i wish it was for personal use; it was actually for Sampaguita. yes, i'm still working on the set for this play. i actually found all of the set pieces [and have yet to put together a prop list] in this junky wonderful basement. i also found some amazing photo opportunities. Jamaica is a ways out in Queens. actually the last stop on the F train.

my wrist aches from too much computer work.
enjoy the goodies!


Ruth said...

That is a very cute sweater, and you finished it! I could see Carrie Bradshaw wearing that with a fluffy crenolin skirt.

I hope you can ride your bike a lot this weekend. It's supposed to rain her tomorrow.

That basement is way cool sounding, and I love the photo of the flowers and mannequin!!

I hope you get lots of rejuvenation on your second weekend after starting your job. :)

Ginnie said...

Ditto to everything Ruth has said. Double ditto. :)

lesleyanne said...

thank you thank you thank you!
such lovely things to say.

i hope you both are having great weekends too!