Saturday, March 24, 2007

new fabric store

the sun was shining this early afternoon
so i took advantage of it and rode my bike over to Woodside, Queens
in search of a fabric/quilting store, called A Quilter's Notion.
i hadn't been to that part of Queens yet, so it was a little adventure.
what a quaint place!
the store was great. i had a field day and found some great fabric for some upcoming projects. i decided to take one of my sweaters apart [the white cardigan for sale on Etsy] and re-design it.

fabric layered for me gaze at. i usually like to buy vintage fabric at thrift stores, or use old garments and tablecloths. but these were just too beautiful to resist.


new necklace on Etsy!
i was rummaging through my buttons the other day and found this pendant.

i painted a Graffiti blossom on it, and attached a nice sterling silver ball chain to it. i really want to do more of these, in multiple colors. there are so many amazing bead stores in this city. in fact, i walked by a few the other day just wandering down 6th ave. to Bryant Park after work.

tomorrow: new sweater.
for the white cardigan re-design, i'll be using the fabric at the bottom of the pile. it's a beautiful sort of plaid, cream, light rose, olive green and a deep turquoise blue.


Ruth said...

Fabric, fabric, fabric! Those are lovely, so lovely! You are your mother's daughter. I can't think of too many products that give me more pleasure than bolts and bolts of fabric to gaze at. You've got some beautiful ones there.

I'm anxious to see how you're reconstructing a sweater! How fun!

That button pendant is brilliant. So pretty. There's no end to what you can do.

Did you see my message that one of my blog friends has an etsy store and was going to name it "pink graffiti"?? How crazy is that!

Ginnie said...

Fun, Fun, Fun. You keep amazing me, Lesley.

And guess what! We just booked our plane reservations for NYC, arriving on April 21st at 12:49p. :) YAAY.

lesleyanne said...

yes yes yes! fabric does give us such pleasure. fabric in every form.

will be finishing the sweater tonight!

i did see that message! how amazing. i really like her work too. she's added me to her favorites list. how nice.

lesleyanne said...

i'm so excited aunt boots! it's so soon, and i can't wait to show you around my city. MY CITY. haha.

until then!