Thursday, March 29, 2007

look me in the heart

it is my good friend's birthday today
we celebrated on Tuesday of this week, and i made her a shirt using my Graffiti Butterfly pattern.
the applique was a bit different than my sweaters, being a tshirt, i felt it needed a bit more interest. the two petals twisted from the front to the back. i used the new fabric i bought, the white with black and gray seeds speckled on a black shirt, with black buttons and bright neon blue thread.

of course, i didn't take a photo before i gave it to her.

hopefully one of these days i'll see her and take one of her actually wearing it. but i believe it is the beginning of a few things.

(1) a tax ID
(2) tshirt embroidery/applique
(3) visiting boutiques with my designs

i've just got to do it. i'll go with one sweater and one shirt, maybe some of my jewelry, and see if i can sell anything.

i did list a new sweater! i did have this one listed, but didn't like the way i had appliqued. so i changed it using some of the new fabric i bought last weekend.

using more vintage buttons. i added a few one of my favorites to the front.

the large green button. it is so one of a kind. you might not be able to tell from the photo, but it's a bit sparkly, and just wonderful.



Ruth said...

I love your title. Is that a song? I've never heard that before, and I think it's great.

1) yes
2) yes
3) yes! :)

The colors of your new sweater are very pretty. Those buttons! That big one! OMG it is fantastic! You could decorate a wardrobe around that button. ;D

So, back to the other post today, which tunic are you wearing at work today???

lesleyanne said...

yes it is a song. by Tegan and Sara. identical twin sisters who have amazing voices. did you ever hear that song, 'walking with a ghost'? i was listening to a song by them at the time i was writing the entry. it just stuck.

and thank you! isn't that button amazing!?! i've always been in love with it. maybe this will be the one sweater i won't sell and then i'll just wear it.

tunic! i'm wearing the black with queen anne's lace. there are tiny pink dots in the middle of the lacies, so i'm wearing pink tights! it's the little things. :)