Tuesday, March 13, 2007


i recently discovered the EtsyMini. please notice it in my sidebar!
it is a mini version of my Etsy shoppe.
if you click on an item that entices your tastebuds, it will take you directly there.
what a grandious idea.

my second day of new Interior Design job : success.

i even feel enough energy to do a little bit of sewing before i crawl into bed.

i know i know, i haven't listed the new sweater yet. but i will tomorrow. definitely.
i'll actually have 2 to list!

meeting tonight with the Mogulettes! [see blogs sidebar] these women are amazing. my business affiliates. my mogulettes in the making. my startup sistas. we meet every week to keep each other accountable with our dreams of working for ourselves. i am technically no longer a freelancer, as i have a full-time salary job, but i still qualify with my small Etsy shoppe. and i still have high hopes of one day working for myself. the life of an artiste.

favorite/featured item in shoppe this week:

Red Lipstick. the horse pendant. i decided to add a chain to the sale. a pretty ball chain. i want to wear her every time i leave the house.

current music: pinback.


Ruth said...

I feel your creative energy from here.

So glad your second day at work was good. I feel you moving into a new, calm pace, where your creativity can blossom and have time to grow and develop. There's a contentment I can feel for you.

I love the name of your business group! It's so smart that you women are doing that, supporting each other. Brilliant.

The mini-etsy sidebar connection is so cool. Yes, yes, yes.

And lipstick horsey! She is adorable. How will you sell her? But you can get more, yes? Does she come with a set of other farm animals?

I do love those little ball chains. I wear one with one of g'ma's pendants.

Lots of love to you today!

Ginnie said...

You are so utterly charming (and charmed!), dear Lesley. I love your mini-shoppe on the sidebar. So clever. And when I have time, I will read all about the Mogulettes. You are so cool!

Am I related to you, by chance??? I sure hope so! :)

lesleyanne said...

mommy! you are so intuitive. i just love that you can sense those things. i do feel a lot of pressure gone. utter happiness with my situation and future growth.

yes, she does come with a bag of other farm animals! i have to buy more [from this adorable dollar store down the street] so i can make more. this came with the sheep and goats i made earrings for Subdivision.

i don't know if i've seen this pendant...?


lesleyanne said...

thank you aunt boots! so many kind words. have you visited my Etsy shoppe yet???