Thursday, March 8, 2007

wednesday: in manhattan again

another manhattan adventure yesterday. taking more and more advantage of my time off this week.

i met a friend at the post office near Madison Square Gardens/Penn Station before walking all around Manhattan again.

i saw this building and had no idea it was a post office. that is, of course, until i saw the signs that said United States Post Office. oh. right. that makes sense. you can see Channel Thirteen building in the background, where my friend works. as i was waiting, i ran into the post office to catch a glimpse of the old bicycle and elegant decor. the ceiling is so beautiful. i didn't stay in there for too long. just long enough to take this in. and get a photo of the bicycle.

and across from the post office....

Madison Square Gardens on the right, with a huge poster of the new Will Ferrell movie. ice skating? hm. and the Empire State Building in the background. a lot of NYC commuters take the subway to this station to get the Long Island Rail Road and the Path Train to New Jersey.

we walked to the Empire State Building, which was lit green last night [St. Patty's Day?], then down to the Lower East Side again., stopping at a quaint diner along the way. Bon Vivant Diner. i think that means Good Living in French. how fitting. but i walked by this hotel again.

i had no idea the sculptures protruding were lights! how beautiful. how inviting. looking up the height of the building, we noticed there was a small one at the very top.

our destination was Mug Lounge, where every Wednesday they host a performance art night, sort of like an open-mic night. real artists, interesting folk off the street, anyone can perform. but when we arrived, there was no one there! how unfortunate and disappointing. i was excited about that. it's supposed to happen every week, so i will just have to catch it again sometime.


Ruth said...

First of all, the photos are SO nice!

You are too funny about the PO. :) It looks like a beautiful building. And that bicycle! It's great that they have it on display.

What a shot of Mad Sq Gdns and the Empire State! Man, you got around. I'll bet you're right about the Emp St being green for St Pat's day.

So the diner was good food? What did you eat?

That hotel is just the coolest. Especially since it's a hostel and cheap! Have you been inside yet? You should look at a room sometime. I know they have one room that is huge for like 11 people.

Did Mug Lounge not even have a note on the door saying why they weren't having a show?

What an adventure. You have a fascinating city there, and you are exploring. It's fantastic!

The anti-spam word is "raini".

Ginnie said...

I just LOVE your ventures out into this great city, Lesley, and that you're sharing them with us. Just think, before long you'll be sharing it with us in person. Still can't believe your new office is so close to where we'll be staying! That is so cool!!!