Saturday, March 10, 2007

in Etsy tomorrow

another sweater done. this is my third. and definitely my favorite so far.
but more importantly, a style of the Graffiti Blossom.
like a Georgia O'Keefe reference.

the design is primarily on the back, with tiny bits of the embroidery spilling onto the front.

this will be posted on Etsy tomorrow hopefully. if i can wake up early enough to catch some good daylight before my first day of work. the photos i took yesterday are just too dark for my liking.

on a more amazing note, my first sale on Etsy was a great success! i only hope it can bring more. this great buyer wants to commission another bracelet to match her tattoos! how adorable. i threw in a pair of Playing Card earrings that i also designed and made, because she was my first sale. she was so appreciative and left great feedback for me. it makes me so happy that i could give someone a good first Etsy impression.


Ruth said...

Oh! I could have sworn I checked EINY yesterday and there wasn't a new post. But maybe not, since dialup was esp. s-l-o-w.

This is a great sweater, my dear! I will look at it more closely on Etsy (hope you have a close-up).

Your work reminds me of a couture designer I know here in Lansing, Shirin. She is from Iran, and was a friend of g'ma's and g'pas. When Sheree got married (remember her? I worked with her) we went to talk with Shirin about a wedding dress. She was too expensive, but she talked about couture and how every single piece of clothing is hand made. So very cool.

It's awesome that you took such good care of your first customer. Those little touches can make such a difference, make the customer feel special.

I can't wait to hear about your first day on the job!!! Maybe on my drive home? I forget if you work till 5 or 6? I'm excited for you. :D

lesleyanne said...

mommy! i love that you've acronymed my blog. ! i did post pretty late last night, probably after you went to sleepies. and thank you! i'm happy with this sweater. i was thinking about wearing it to work today....maybe later on in the week. :) test it out.
i would love to hear more about Shirin! this reminds me that i need to start researching couture a lot more. so cool.
i will definitely call you after work today!! i'll be there til 6. hope you have a nice monday. the weather is so beautiful here!

Ginnie said...

This is so exciting, Lesley...your sweater, your first successful sale, and your new job. Lots of Universal energy is flowing through you, I see! :)

belle said...

OOh! I likes it. You should make some maternity clothes.. or a maternity dress. I would wear it, fo sho. :) Congrats on your first sale!! I still have yet to see the site yet..for fear I might buy something. Much love.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm at Lansing Community College studying fashion. How do I find this wonderful designer, Shirin? I've never heard of her.


lesleyanne said...

thank you aunt boots! it is an exciting time. i just wish i had the energy to come home from work and make make make. soon. someday soon.

lesleyanne said...

thanks mashelle! what a great idea! i should not limit myself to sweaters. i should branch out! try new things. new adventures. indeed. nice to hear your voice tonight. i miss you.
yes yes, etsy is dangerous! and addictive. but very very nice.
heart you.

lesleyanne said...

welcome Marianna! i went to LCC briefly after i graduated from high school. how do you like their fashion program? i don't know how to locate this Shirin...did you try a google search? :) good luck!