Sunday, March 18, 2007

snow fall in new york

i never really believe the weather report.
so when i heard that we were getting a massive snowstorm on Friday, i put on my turquoise cowboy boots thinking nothing of it.

next time i will not underestimate the power of the [force] weather.

my balcony yesterday after gigantic storm. i was actually walking around in it on Friday evening. this is after all my good neighbors shoveled and chopped up the ice. see, it wasn't so much snow, as ice. pelting my face so i had to raise my mittened hands to block the ice chips. i've heard it's the same sensation as riding a motorcycle in the rain. that's comforting.

my doc martens are sufficient for such weather, but i think next year i'll invest in some nice lovely warm snow boots. good investment. maybe even napolean dynamite style.

in other news.

i sold a sweater! to the same lovely woman who bought the bracelet [aka my first sale].

detail of applique and embroidery on back. before sending, i added a button in the center [where you see the swirl] to finish it off. and a hand-embroidered label w/ pinkgraffiti logo.

of course inspired, i started another sweater yesterday, a small one for all you petite women! it fits me, but is a bit small for my taste. similar design to this one sold, but w/ different fabric and on a red sweater. here's a peek.

it's a bit altered from this photo since i started sewing it. 2 different fabrics, one layered on top of the other. the first layer [underneath] is a sparkly silver, while the fabric on top is pink and purple striped. i've been waiting to use that fabric. i had very little of it, so thought this would be perfect. it will also come with a pin on the front of the sweater, which will match the design in back. for a finishing touch, a red anchor button on back, and on pin. this will be finished today [more pink stitching to do], and hopefully listed tonight!

happy sacred sunday!


Ruth said...

Pretty soon the women with the best style sense will want a pink graffiti sweater! I look forward to seeing this new red "punk" sweater completed, pin and all.

I look forward to the rest of our creativity/art conversation that got cut off when you boarded the train. . . I don't know what I'd do without you to talk with about it!

Did you hear about the people who were stranded on airplanes in NY ALL NIGHT! 9+ hours?? I can't even imagine that torture. I've heard there is legislation in the works to force airlines to return passengers to the gate after 3 hours or something like that.

We're supposed to get more snow soon, but then by Friday I think it will be in the 60s. Good old MI.

Yippee Sunday! You are such an inspiration!

lesleyanne said...

i love our conversations, they're just amazing. i love how much you know about the art world, and learning more about the literature world.

i've been hearing lots about people being stranded on airplances. i'm glad they're actually doing something about it, rather than just profuse apologies. :/

it's supposed to be warm here this weekend too! like in the 50's, how exciting!

and thank you! you are an amazing inspiration for me too. i love it.

Ginnie said...

Do you think all the snow will be gone by the time we get there, Lesley, at the end of April?? :) HA. Wouldn't THAT be a thought!

I love that you're telling us all about your creative energy...and SHOWING us in pics. You really ARE an inspiration! Congrats on yet another sale. :)